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Surprisingly graphic sex tips of the 17th century

"Originally written by an anonymous French author and published in English in 1680,The School of Venus, or the Ladies Delight Reduced into Rules of Practice was the Joy Of Sex of the Restoration era.
The 166-page manual aimed to elucidate the “this mysterie of fucking”, and was so startlingly graphic that MP and diarist Samuel Pepys burned his copy immediately after furtively reading it. School Of Venus has been digitized by Google Books, which means we can now present to you the filthy highlights."

Click here for the definitely not-safe-for-work images and text, even with most of the naughty bits censored.

-via Buzzfeed

Seven Year Old Internet Treasure from SomethingAwful has been an inspiration to me for many I can't understand why I haven't linked to this article before. Oh, yeah, something about the fact that the whole site is pretty much NSFW, so I would never put it in my 'PG' blog, Anachronista, for fear of causing an angry mob of villagers to attack me with pitchforks and cabbages.

But here at LOLMedieval I have no such qualms.

So, brave adventurer, dare ye enter the portal of SomethingAwful? Seek and ye will find pages and pages of images crafted using the Historic Tale Construction Kit, aka The Bayeux Tapestry instant internet MEME generator.

Behold...THE LINK: Medieval Tapestry Masterpieces!